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Calcium regulates various functions in our body. Calcium is a kind of mineral found in the body which plays key role in the formation of bones and teeth Gardner Minshew II Hoodie , muscle contractions, blood clotting, stabilizing blood pressure, cell signaling, proper functions of heart Ryquell Armstead Hoodie , muscles and nerves and protecting one against cancer, diabetes and hypertension. Almost all the calcium in our bodies is stored in bones and teeth. Although bones are supposed to be hard rock but they are actually living tissues which are constantly in flux (new bone is being created while old bone gets destroyed). As age increases, process of bone formation slows down relatively which results in less dense and weaker bones. Deficiency of calcium increases the risk of osteoporosis especially in women because bones start losing calcium after age of 30 in women. In this problem, bones become too much brittle, porous and weak and get breakdown easily. Bone atrophy is another consequence of low absorption of calcium in body.

There are three significant health issues which are caused by calcium deficiency:

1. Sleep Problems - Lack of sleep creates obstruction in the formation of new bones. Sleep cycles get restored when calcium levels reach to normal level in body. This happens probably because calcium plays an important role in the production of sleep hormone called melatonin.

2. Difficulty In Losing Weight 鈥?Calcium stored in fat cells helps in regulating the processing and storage of fat in the body. Fat cells containing less amount of calcium are not able to burn more fat which further causes problem in losing weight.

3. Paresthesia 鈥?It is a symptom of calcium deficiency. Low calcium in the blood has been connected to neurological and physical impairment leading to confusion Quincy Williams II Hoodie , poor memory, hallucinations and muscle tremors and twitches.

To overcome bone weakness, one can use Calcivon tablets which are highly beneficial ayurvedic calcium supplements. These tablets provide calcium in adequate amount to fulfill requirement of body and thus prevent absorption of calcium from bones. Wide range of nutrients present in these tablets helps in regulating body functions like blood pressure stabilizing, blood clotting, etc. Vitamin D present in these tablets increase absorption of calcium from foods. Regular use of these tablets maintain proper ratio between destruction and regeneration of new bones and this maintains proper density of bones. These ayurvedic calcium supplements prevent symptoms of calcium deficiency like numbness and tingling in hands Josh Oliver Hoodie , feet and face, easy fracturing of bones, hallucinations, weak and brittle nails, muscle spasms Jawaan Taylor Hoodie , confusion or memory loss, depression and muscle cramps.

Calcivon tablets are effective ayurvedic calcium supplements which come loaded with herbs such as Godanti Hartal Bhasam, Mukta Shukti Bhasam , Permitted Preservatives, Flavor Josh Allen Hoodie , and color, Aspartame, Khatika and Base. These herbs altogether contribute in bone tissue regeneration and help in growth of healthy, strong and dense bones in spite of increasing age, metabolic disorder and autoimmune diseases. These herbs are highly beneficial in case of low bone mineral density also. These herbs effectively increase bone growth in both men and women. With regular use of Calcivon tablets A. J. Cann Shirt , one can overcome almost all problems related with weak bones. Take these powerful ayurvedic calcium supplements for 3 to 4 months consistently to improve bone health

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